Responsible Tourism

Nepal is the landlocked  country bordered  between  China and  India. It is very  rich in it's natural biodiversity.  Every  year millions of tourists come  in Nepal to explore  it's natural  beauties  and for many adventurous activities. Tourism is the second biggest form of revenue generator in Nepal.  Latest Data show that tourism industry contributes 3.5 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Nepal's tourism industry is regarded as a significant contributor to employment generation and  foreign exchange earning. According to latest data  one Million  people are  involved in tourism of Nepal directly and indirectly. But due to the unmanaged and random tourism in Nepal, the trekking trails and the natural beauties are losing its originality with in some stage of time. The concept of responsible tourism in Nepal was developed few years ago to eliminate the various social, cultural and environmental issues  and has stepped several steps for sustainable tourism development.
Khumbu Alpine  Travel is one of the legally  registered trekking and travel company of Nepal under licensed of  Nepal government. Khumbu Alpine Travel always takes  responsible  for the sustainable development of Nepali tourism  with different goals  with  slogan of  Responsible tourism.
 Responsible Tourism  is the action of making  the better place for  people to live and  better place to visit with the responsibility  of  taking the action to make tourism  more  sustainable  with minimizing  negative social, economic and environmental impacts  in any particular place using available  resources effectively and efficiently . We  have a slogan of " Leave only  foot prints,take  only photographs", With this slogan Khumbu Alpine Travel always  operates  its  trekking , travel  and mountaineering activities in all places  with providing positive contribution of  conservatioin and protection of natural and  cultural heritages. We  use the respective particular trekking trails, mountaineering route, do respect the local people,their  culture, customs and do  encouragement to use alternative energy instead of firewood. We always raise the awareness about rubbish management, it's affect and impact on our environments. We   do our best  to provide great experience for tourists  with  great coordination ,communication with local people  and local organization for better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental  issues. We have been providing  the  employment to  the local people for the enhancement of  economic benefits,  keep involve in decision which  affect in their life changing process, to develop the skills and access to the  tourism industry of Nepal.


Best Selling Packages

Mera Peak-19 Days
Mera Peak-19 Days
 USD 1800
 19 Days
Mera Peak is an exciting , scenically and highest trekking peak in Nepal becoming popular among trekkers and climbers....
Everest Basecamp and Fly Back by Helicopter to Lukla Trek-14 Days
Everest Basecamp and Fly Back by Helicopter to Lukla Trek-14 Days
 USD 2500
 14 Days
After 30 Minutes flight with magnificienct scenery lands you in Lukla Airport. ...
Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek-16 Days
Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek-16 Days
 USD 3200
 16 Days
Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge  Trek  is  one of the inspirational and grandest trek in the world to explore  many beautiful highe...
Everest Basecamp Normal Trek- 17 Days
Everest Basecamp Normal Trek- 17 Days
 USD 1300
 17 Days
The Everest Base Camp trek on the south side is most iconic basecamp of all, standout amongst the most well known trekking trail  in the himalaya...
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